AnyWhere Elementor Pro – V 2.5 Released

AnyWhere Elementor Pro has got the first update of 2018. This release included some new exciting features.

Integration with Page Builder Framework Theme

In this release, we have extended support for another theme – Page Builder Framework. We were in communication with its author – David Vongries for a very long time. Just like us, he was also getting a lot of queries regarding integration with AE Pro.
We requested David to make some modifications to his theme. It also added more flexibility in his theme and also opened the path for smooth integration with AnyWhere Elementor Pro. So special thanks to David for accepting our suggestions.

Related Posts

Post Block widget has been enhanced with the ability to display related posts in single post layout. This will allow you to show the collection of posts that share same categories/terms as of current post. This will also work with Custom Post Type and Custom Taxonomies. You will have full control to define the criteria for related posts. For more details about how to implement this please follow this documentation

Support for Relationship fields (ACF & Pods)

This is another enhancement in Post Block widget. You can show posts collection from Post Relationship field created using ACF or Pods. See documentation.

There are also many other enhancements and bug fixes:

  • Enhancement: Added option in Post Meta widget to disable links. Now you can disable links from post meta items like category, tag, author, and date.
  • Enhancement: Added option to disable links in Taxonomy widget.
  • Enhancement: Added “Enable Canvas” option for Single Post AE Templates.
    Now you won’t have to set canvas template on individual posts. Just check “Enable Canvas” option for AE Template and all your single post will work with Elementor Canvas.
  • Enhancement: AE Template frontend preview won’t be accessible for non logged in users.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed bug in ACF Gallery widget when there is no image available.
  • And many other minor fixes and enhancements.

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