Post Blocks is now more powerful – AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.8 Beta Release

We are ready with Beta version of AnyWhere Elementor Pro 2.8.

– You can login to our site and download it from your Download section.
– Do not use it on production sites. It is only for testing purpose. Also, make sure to clear cache after installing the beta plugin.

This release includes some of the most awaited features. There we many users asking for some more enhancement in our most popular “Post Blocks” widget. We were asked a lot about the possibility of creating Post Sliders & Carousel. Something that can have the same power and flexibility of Post Blocks widget, to design the layout of individual Post Item.
So we have enhanced the existing Post Block widget. Now under layout mode, along with List & Grid, you will also get Carousel.
It is not just carousel but having a lot of fun features in it. You can create Carousels, Sliders, Carousel Coverflow (a very attractive effect added to carousel).
You can check the teaser video we have created for this

You can also check tutorial for this here

Another enhancement done in Post Block widget is the ability to add Infinite Scroll. Now you can show posts on your archive pages with the Infinite scroll.

One more unique feature of our plugin is Dynamic Background Image. It allows you to set Post Featured image as section/category background. Now, this functionality is also enhanced. You can add background images from Term meta fields (eg. custom field created for category image ) and also from Post custom fields (Works with ACF, pods integration coming soon). So you can create Category archive pages with the dynamic header image,  use an additional image from custom fields to place in section background. It will open up a lot of possibilities.

You can find the complete list of new features, enhancements and bug fixes here.

New Features

  • Post Slider & Carousel (Post Blocks)
  • Infinite Scroll (Post Blocks)


  • Dynamic background from post and term custom fields (for ACF, Pods support coming soon)
  • Added lightbox option for ACF Gallery widget in Carousel mode.
  • Added labels in Post Meta widget for Author, Date.
  • Added functionality to define max length for Post Title. It will be helpful in grid & carousel structures when post titles are too long to fit.
  • Added option in the custom field to link with the post.
  • Added option in admin settings to enable compatibility for themes (that are not on officially preferred themes). This option will allow using our plugin on most of the themes (that supports Elementor Full Width & Elementor Canvas templates)

Bug Fixes

  • Post Blocks pagination not working with WordPress default permalink structure.
  • Woocommerce products not working with Elementor Canvas template.
  • Post Image widget adding unnecessary HTML when there is not feature image available.
  • Fixed issue with Post Block animations not working with ajax pagination.



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